Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun Times - Hand Painted Shoe!

For the Fundraiser for Fundraisers show, I got to hand paint a pair of my mom's never been worn Nike Airs from '92! It was great painting a pair of white shoes, because I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to them. I wanted to keep them simple though, without too many graphics. They were very time consuming because it was my first time painting paneled shoes, and I wasn't quite sure of the materials to use! The most trouble I had was with covering up the dry panels, but I figured out a good method using paper towel because it doesn't stick (do NOT use tape! or cellophane, as some tutorials may say!). I had a lot of fun painting them and a rewarding experience. I was bummed they didn't sell at the show. C'mon, $100 is a decent price (vintage + brand new + hand painted)!

(click the images for a bigger view, as some pics are cut off. i haven't quite figured out a good method yet to upload pictures.)