Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Piano Lessons Poster

Over the weekend, I threw together a poster for Chris Arrific to promote his piano lessons! He originally wanted the new words over the old show poster design I did for him a while back, but I opted for a similar concept that will be able to accommodate tear off numbers. I kept the piano's keys as teeth, but this time they double for number slips as well! Doing this poster let me escape from doing boring design homework.

Sketchbook 2009 Updates

Wow, once again I am tardy at uploading stuff onto this blog! It really is pathetic that my latest entry was in August or something. I shall blame it on blogspot not being as user friendly as I expected. I would like to try out wordpress or something because uploading photos onto blogspot is frustrating still.

Anyways, these are some sketchbook drawings done over the summer while I was gallery sitting at Little Mountain. These were based off photos in National Geographic, and it was a great method of trying out watercolor tricks.

Some of you may recognize this door! It is the door to Little Mountain Gallery.