Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fundraiser for Fundraisers!

Hello to whoever even reads this thing!

Tevis Bateman and I, along with a few other artists, will be a having a bike-related art show to fundraise money through cheap artwork for our upcoming bike trip! We, along with Sam Wade and Fred Tsai, are planning a cross-Canada bike trip as a group called Pedalers for Prostate in the summer of 2010. Through this trip we will fundraise and raise awareness for prostate cancer.

A majority of the money raised from sold artwork and donations will go towards our essentials for the trip, primarily supplies, food, and housing. Your help is needed to make this trip possible! Also, a portion of the money raised from artwork will go towards Little Mountain Gallery, as we would like to keep a great little art space like that open!

In addition to our own artwork, we will be showing donated pieces of artwork from various artists! If you would like to get involved, donate some bike-related artwork, or have any suggestions for the show, please contact me via facebook or We will try to accommodate as many pieces as possible, but due to very limited space we request that you keep your donated pieces smaller than 18” x 24”!

So come on out to enjoy a night of very, very reasonably priced art, musical acts? (hopefully), good music, boooooooze, snacks, great people, and a great time! Tell your friends!

For more information about our cause, please visit our website at!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Final Design Project

This was my final design project and the assignment was to design a functional or dysfunctional piece. I wanted to do a piece that was both, and I created this usable but highly impractical and ridiculously heavy log lunch kit. It is simply a log cut in half, with the the compartments routered in one side and the utensils carved in on the other. The utensils sit perfectly inside and even include a pair of silver chopsticks. The insides are coated with a non-toxic walnut oil that is used for salad bowls, which means that this food could actually be eaten out of the log! Fun stuff, I have yet to try that out.

**I just got booooooom'd! Thanks, Jeff! That was quite exciting.

Self-directed painting project.

This was my painting proposal:

" My final painting project consists of six 20” x 20” paintings. The images were originally from photos from World War II and from the 1970s around the civil rights movement. I had cropped the images in order to abstract and take the images out of context. I crop the images so that the action is highlighted and the faces are cropped to avoid recognition. My method of choosing the colors is by randomly picking colors on a pantone color swatch book. Judging the value of the color chosen, I then pick where the color will be applied according to the values in the picture. My rule is that I have to use the chosen color, even if they do not work together. Once the base color is chosen, I can alter the tones to define forms. By working on all six paintings at the same time, I will maintain my gestural and energetic brushwork throughout the whole series.

I am trying to explore new ways of painting and working with randomness, because I am intrigued by the unpredictable outcome. By using this method, I am addressing the role of intuition and subconsciousness in art. The randomness of the colors forces my brain to actively think about how different colors work together and the dynamics they create. It is interesting for me to see how these potentially clashing colors work together to form a coherent painting. The paintings will be displayed together so that they will form a mass of color. Through this method I hope viewers will see the paintings first for its colors, and then recognize and be intrigued about the subject matter."

I will upload the process shots to these paintings soon.


Some old posters that I had done for Chris-a-riffic. I have some really old ones that I am not going to bother to post. I would love to do more!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love printing my own tees. Nothing will ever beat that feeling of lifting a screen to see a fresh shirt that you just printed and seeing it all come together. Then you get to wear it with pride afterwards.This shirt was from a really quick ink doodle on tracing paper. Printed in first year.

Here's me wearing one of our collab shirts done by Tevis and me. Inspired by a doodle, then made ten times better on a shirt. I look particularly Asian here..

Old customized shoes..

I am actually working on a new pair at the moment! Hopefully I will be able to show them soon.

These shoes cost me $6-7? from Chinatown. They were really fun to paint on, but definitely not made for durability! The soles are wearing out so fast because they are just so cheap.

This pair my mom brought back from Hong Kong for definitely very cheap. I painted that turquoise on there and it stiffened up the heel up for sure.

Old drawings from here and there..

Library drawing/painting that was done in half an hour. I really enjoyed the spontaneous process and the little Fido Dido lookin man.
Gesture drawings from first semester. I don't really know if I am improving or not!

Portrait of Shaun Mccord for my self-directed drawing project from first semester.

uploading frenzy!

I think it's time I finally update this thing! I'll start with paintings first.

Portrait of my grandfather eating his daily bowl of noodles for breakfast. Painting assignment from first year.Model session from second year, first semester.

Bargain bin series - acrylic on panel
I don't have very creative names! This one is simply called "Bus Series".