Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computer science, in progress.

One thing I love about the computer science class is that everybody is really geeky in it, especially the teacher. For this project we have to animate a bitmapped object. I was struggling to find something cool to animate, but I decided to use the scene from Gremlins when Gizmo is splashed by water and multiplies. It's a perfect scene to animate because his ears wiggle and arms move, etc, and when the water droplet his him he goes berserk! Then those furballs pop out of his back and grow into bigger Mogwai. I am looking forward to making his eyes and mouth get really big when he freaks out.

Once again this took forever, because this program is not made for complex animation and 3D renditions. I wish we had just used animation programs instead to this, but we had to learn how to do things the hard way. Many hours of extruding certain points in the z-axis to flesh his body out..

comp sci, fml!

For the past couple of days, computer science has been eating up my hours. The class is an intro course to C++ programming, which I had no previous experience with whatsoever! So far, it has been very, very tedious and also time consuming. The end results are not always impressive, but the forms are created out of individual triangles!

I took elements from Starfox SNES and we got to animate their movements using code with sine waves and whatnot. In the end, Andross wobbles and bobs up and down and spits out his little squares; the arwings fly away from side to side and appear randomly again once they reach a certain point; and the arches move towards you and once again randomly generate themselves after a certain point. Whoooowee.

I combined the SNES arwing with the N64 version, because the old version was too plain.

I had to plot out each point on Andross' face on the x, y, z axis. Thank goodness for grid paper.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Potential new logo?

I've recently been struggling with coming up with a new identity, and I have tried many variations of writing out "B", "BT", "Tong", and combinations of the like. Then I thought about what my defines me, and it was my Asian heritage. The Tong dynasty traces back quite far, but I had no clue how to depict that, so I just played with my last name. It looks so damned clean! I was so stoked at the final outcome.


Some impossible optical illusions I was doodling. I've always been fascinated with optical illusions because they mess with your mind and always look so rad.

Sketch book peek

So, once again I have not been uploading much! It's not that I am not working, I just don't scan stuff. However, I took the time today to scan my sketchbook and upload it here. These sketches include drawings for school projects and random doodles when I am bored. I recently had a felt pen and marker obsession because they are great for coloring solid spaces fast and the colors are always so rich. I had a lot of fun doing those jacket drawings because they were so spontaneous and intuitive.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Recent schoolwork..

This was made for my Digital Imagining class at Emily Carr, and the assignment itself was quite cheesy. We had to create a "self-portrait with a minimum of two quotes" and it had to be created entirely in Illustrator without the trace tool. Damn, after this project I am actually staying away from Illustrator while I experience Bezier curve withdrawal for a bit first. I realized just how time-consuming digital inking is! The final outcome looks really clean, and I am pleased with how it turned out. Final time spent: I dont really want to know, too many hours.