Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T-shirt design for Young Life New West

So I was recently asked to do a design for a tee for YoungLife New West (hook-ups from my sister because she works there) to be worn by kids going to a camp in RockRidge. The basic guidelines were to create something that these kids (in their teens, i guess) would keep on wearing outside of camp. I don't know if I may have accomplished that or not, considering the color was seafoam, which may not go too well with the dudes. But that's "in" now right? Wearing ridiculous colors are cool. Thank goodness they didn't want collared shirts, so all the kids can pop their collars and be super "awesome".

So the idea for the shirt came from making these new west stickers, which turned out a lot better than i thought it would! My other doodles have been not too great because I had to go the commercial route and design something that kids in high school would wear. My main influence was Hydro74, a rad designer that does a lot of commercial stuff. I chose him because all of his designs look similar but still very distinctly Hydro74. Very marketable.

I printed out a few designs and crumpled them up and rescanned them to get a plausible aged look, rather than throw a bunch of fancy brush effects on them. I had to play a bit with the ripped sticker bits, but the magic of photoshop never fails. Overall, I was really stoked on the bird design, but I think they will be picking the sticker design. Goes better with guys in gr. 12..

Good ol' threadless template.. comes in handy for everything.

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