Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computer science, in progress.

One thing I love about the computer science class is that everybody is really geeky in it, especially the teacher. For this project we have to animate a bitmapped object. I was struggling to find something cool to animate, but I decided to use the scene from Gremlins when Gizmo is splashed by water and multiplies. It's a perfect scene to animate because his ears wiggle and arms move, etc, and when the water droplet his him he goes berserk! Then those furballs pop out of his back and grow into bigger Mogwai. I am looking forward to making his eyes and mouth get really big when he freaks out.

Once again this took forever, because this program is not made for complex animation and 3D renditions. I wish we had just used animation programs instead to this, but we had to learn how to do things the hard way. Many hours of extruding certain points in the z-axis to flesh his body out..

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