Thursday, November 26, 2009

comp sci, fml!

For the past couple of days, computer science has been eating up my hours. The class is an intro course to C++ programming, which I had no previous experience with whatsoever! So far, it has been very, very tedious and also time consuming. The end results are not always impressive, but the forms are created out of individual triangles!

I took elements from Starfox SNES and we got to animate their movements using code with sine waves and whatnot. In the end, Andross wobbles and bobs up and down and spits out his little squares; the arwings fly away from side to side and appear randomly again once they reach a certain point; and the arches move towards you and once again randomly generate themselves after a certain point. Whoooowee.

I combined the SNES arwing with the N64 version, because the old version was too plain.

I had to plot out each point on Andross' face on the x, y, z axis. Thank goodness for grid paper.

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